Hotel & Conference Center

The University of Virginia's new Hotel and Conference Center, a cornerstone of the of the Emmet/Ivy Corridor redevelopment, is set to be a landmark project connecting the North and Central Grounds. The 220,000-square-foot development, which includes 225 guestrooms, extensive conference facilities, and a visitors' center, serves as a contemporary embodiment of Jeffersonian principles. Set within a high-performance landscape, it offers unique educational opportunities by aligning UVA's holistic approach to stormwater management with the natural hydrology and watershed dynamics of the area.



Part of the broader “Open Grounds” initiative, the Hotel and Conference Center is envisioned as a vibrant hub for the UVA community, Charlottesville residents, and visitors, promoting dynamic intellectual and social interactions. It replaces the Cavalier Inn, a long-standing symbol of hospitality and university life, continuing its legacy of service and community engagement. Led by TenBerke and Hanbury, the project is seen as a transformative step for UVA, connecting various university sectors and the public through educational, hospitality, and event-oriented spaces, reinforcing its role as a physical and conceptual bridge within the University's grounds.


Renderings by TenBerke

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