Atlantic Park: Mixed-Use Development

Atlantic Park is a transformative mixed-use development in the heart of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Led by local developer Venture Realty Group and backed by music legend and Virginia Beach native, Pharrell Williams, phase one of the $335-million development will unify three city blocks and integrate a surf park within a blend of urban residential offerings, an indoor-outdoor entertainment venue, shops and restaurants, and office space into the 10.95-acre site, creating a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the unique character of the local community and continues its authentic heritage of music and surf culture. 



The development prioritizes a holistic lifestyle experience, combining the best of urban and natural elements to promote health and well-being. Atlantic Park will maximize wellness by addressing the health of occupants through tangible elements, such as ecology, biophilia and materiality. The design integrates nature back into the site through a curated collection of public green spaces and landscaped gardens which will provide an immersive oasis in the heart of the bustling community. The development has been thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of community and connectedness, with plazas, rooftop terraces, and outdoor recreation areas imagined as a sustainable nexus for well-being to maximize human interaction with nature while encouraging exploration and relaxation.


“Well before it was concrete and asphalt, the Oceanfront was a dense coastal forest on the edge of windswept dunes. A century later, we are drawing on that inspiration to create an organic architecture that invites lush landscape back onto the site and becomes a fluid gateway from the Vibe Creative District to the Atlantic Ocean.”       – Alec Yuzhbabenko, AIA, Design Principal 


At the heart of Atlantic Park, a 2.67-acre surf lagoon stands as the development's centerpiece. Powered by revolutionary Wavegarden Cove technology, the surf lagoon will replicate natural waves, creating an authentic ocean-like experience for surfers of all levels. The first of its kind in the U.S., this state-of-the-art attraction is sure to make Atlantic Park a dynamic bucket-list destination unlike any other on the East Coast. 



In addition to the surf lagoon, Atlantic Park will be home to a new 70,000-square-foot entertainment venue that honors the legacy of "The Dome," an architectural masterpiece that served as a cultural icon for 35 years. The new venue will have an indoor capacity of 3,500, which can be expanded to 5,000 for outdoor events via 6 large hangar doors. On non-event days, the venue's surrounding amphitheater space will transform into a welcoming community park, hosting art fairs, markets, free performances, and more, adding to the cultural vibrancy of the entertainment district. 



With a strong emphasis on multi-family living, the development will feature a diverse collection of over 300 flexible living options from studios to three-bedroom apartments. The residential buildings are designed to create elevated courtyards that provide community spaces with views of the surf lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. The gentle curves and recessed forms, soft edges and spacious balconies harmoniously connect private living and verdant gardens, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor environments. A range of amenities complement the apartments to enhance the resident experience, including a large pool deck overlooking the surf park, fitness areas, outdoor pet areas, indoor and outdoor communal lounges, and co-working spaces. 

Atlantic Park represents the synergy of history and modernity, redefining the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and cementing its place as a cultural hub for generations to come. With its innovative design and community-driven approach, Atlantic Park is poised to create a new paradigm for urban design, offering a unique model for community-centered living and ushering in a new era of growth and cultural rebirth, one that promises to improve not only the urban landscape but also the lives of the people who call it home. 


“This project changes everything for Virginia Beach. With year-round surfing, entertainment, community gatherings, and the influence of global visionaries like Pharrell, the heart of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront will be changed forever and for the better, for locals and visitors alike.” - Bob Dyer, Virginia Beach Mayor


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