S. Mike Evans, FAIA, is a founding member of Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas and served as the firm's CEO for 22 years. Over the course of his career, he became a powerful national influence on the planning and design of student learning communities. Energetic and communicative, he has been a constant source of new ideas and emergent possibilities, qualities that have impacted education at all levels. His vision has helped shape student experience on more than 100 campuses throughout the United States and abroad. 

Mike is also an educator and a conceptual strategist who constantly seeks to enrich his environment. His career has been characterized by insatiable curiosity, innovative thinking, systems thinking, and collaboration. As CEO, his legacy includes key qualities extant at Hanbury today: curiosity, learning, and striving for excellence. In addition to his architectural awards and accomplishments, including an AIA fellowship, Mike has shared his knowledge with clients and campus professionals through numerous conference presentations.

Mike is a recipient of the ACUHO-I Parthenon Award for distinguished service to the campus housing profession and facilitated the organization's Global Housing Summit in Hong Kong in 2009. He created Hanbury's Virginia Design Medal, one of several firm "legacy" programs, which is awarded to a distinguished faculty member from an esteemed architectural school who spends two weeks each summer challenging and shaping the firm’s thinking and work.

"Architects, together with campus leadership, have an obligation to create environments that nurture students' minds, bodies, and spirits - they're vital to the academic, social, and architectural fabric of American campuses."