Elizabeth Morgan is passionate about identifying what's special about a particular campus or town. Digging in to the history, context, landscape, architecture, and people that are part of a particular institution or community, she unearths what is essential and unique to each project and each university’s “sense of place." She is particularly adept at conveying complex concepts to clients, and finds campus work particularly enjoyable because of the immense potential for place making and engagement with students and faculty. Since joining the firm, Elizabeth has worked on several of Hanbury's master planning efforts, including Virginia State, Virginia Tech, and Eastern Kentucky University, as well as a K-12 planning project for the International School of Amsterdam. She has also worked on town planning projects in Roanoke and Pulaski, Virginia. 

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of North Carolina, Asheville
  • Master of Architecture, Virginia Tech
  • Emerging Leader in Architecture, Virginia Society AIA
"Unraveling and piecing together the 'story' is an extremely interesting part of the planning process. The best part is that we get to help craft the next chapter!"