Moreau Hall, Dujarie Hall, and the Casa

St. Edward's University, a private Catholic liberal arts college, sets itself apart with its commitment to fine architecture. In keeping with this distinctive character, Hanbury's design of Basil Moreau, Jacques Dujarie, and Casa residential halls integrate a unique student community into the core campus fabric.
During the first phases of design, workshops were held with the St. Edwards' community to define programmatic needs and set the course for residential facilities targeted at student success. The plan included the integration of academics in the living environment and civic spaces, with the goal of attracting and support first-generation Hispanic college students.
Basil Moreau Hall, at 60,342 SF, is a co-ed community housing 180 students. Freshmen live in double rooms with single baths and suite-style rooms with four students sharing a bathroom. Upperclassmen live in the Casitas, townhouse-style accommodations with private bedrooms and shared baths.  Several large and small gathering places, perfect for studying, relaxing and socializing, are included, including a computer lab, a kitchen, and game room with ping pong and pool tables.
The success of Basil Moreau Hall resulted in two subsequent projects. The 64,501-SF Jacques Dujarié Hall, also co-ed, is home to 201 students, 162 in the main building and 39 in its Casitas, and features distinctive amenities designed with input from students.  The Casa, as its name suggests, offers house-style living. Centered between Jacques Dujarié and Basil Moreau Halls, the Casa's rooms are divided among eight “pods," housing a total of 68 upperclassmen in single and double rooms. Up to nine students share three semi-private baths. The Casa has an elevator, kitchen and two laundry facilities, as well as a large lobby with comfortable couches, bistro-style tables, and a big screen television. Upstairs, a loft that also features more comfortable seating for residents and their guests to study and socialize.
The new facilities celebrate the campus' historic core, leveraging interior and exterior spaces to engage and invigorate its central walks and frame the impressive spires of St. Edward’s Old Main. Stone and steel detailing reflects the college's Catholic heritage, and building materials and forms honor the historic campus buildings.
“Looking at Dujarié and Moreau Halls, you get the sense of a village. That is intentional.”
David A. Dickson Jr., Vice President, Financial Affairs, St. Edward’s University 

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