Administration Building Rehabilitation

The Norfolk Botanical Garden Administration Building is an example of mid-century modern architecture that responds beautifully to its location. The simple plan can be imagined as a branch with two leaves and the roof forms are expressive of blooming flowers. The interior had been modified over its six decades of continued use, to the point where the spaces, particularly their unique volumes, were severely compromised. Ground subsidence under each wing meant significant repair to the foundation would be required, and antiquated mechanical systems needed replacement. Faced with the choice of rehabilitation or demolition, the Garden chose to invest in this iconic building, and return it to its original use as offices and multipurpose educational space. The rehabilitation sought to regain the early 1960's aesthetic by retaining the historic building fabric, refurbishing what was there, and removing features, such as suspended ceilings, that were not original and were compromising the integrity of the space. The result is a facility poised to support the Garden for many years to come and clearly tells its own story.  

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