GreenLight Biosciences

With a mission to provide global solutions, GreenLight Bio sought a physical space that reflected its progressive spirit. Having outgrown the original location, they looked to create a flexible and cost-effective program that could help them share their progress with the world. With an ambitious new plan, the company aimed to occupy the third floor and part of the first floor of 9 Lab Drive, nearly tripling their previous square footage. The result was a unique and inspiring workspace that encourages collaboration, interaction, and innovation.

The design team used GreenLight Bio’s people-centered approach as a driving factor in the design, creating an open, airy café as the heart of the space. The café serves as a hub for meals, meetings, and informal gatherings, with adjacent hard-walled offices that can be easily reconfigured into huddle rooms to accommodate changing needs. This design reflects the company’s commitment to flexibility and cost-effectiveness, which is central to their bioprocessing mission. 

The lab spaces, which occupy nearly 18,000 square feet, feature floor-to-ceiling windows that connect employees to nature and the ecosystem they are committed to. The labs flank the exterior, pushing collaboration and togetherness inward, toward the center of the office. The corridors are thoughtfully designed with ample glazing, creating a fluid and cohesive movement throughout the space.

The interiors bring GreenLight Bio's story to life through design, incorporating hexagonal lighting fixtures, natural imagery, and the company's branded colors throughout the space. This attention to detail and commitment to the company's core mission and values are truly reflected in the final product. Additionally, the design team worked closely with GreenLight to establish corporate standards for future offices, ensuring that their mission and values are reflected in all their spaces.

The new workspace not only reflects GreenLight Bio’s current needs but also positions the company for future growth and success. By combining a flexible design with a focus on collaboration and connection, Hanbury has created a space that inspires GreenLight Bio employees to continue making a difference in the world, one RNA solution at a time.

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