North Avenue Apartments Dining Commons

Originally built as housing for athletes of the 1996 Olympic games, Georgia Tech's North Avenue Apartments complex lacked a cohesive identity and sense of belonging for residents. In association with Menefee + Winer (now MAKE Architecture), Hanbury transformed the community into a robust living/learning environment that is well-connected to existing upper and lower courtyards and to North Avenue streetscape.

Key to the renovation was the addition of a new dining commons conceived of as an infill addition to underutilized space. The facility seats 310, offering flexible, exhibition-style food venues to support unique and varied menu options. The design transforms 13,780 square feet of existing first-floor space into primarily food production and serving spaces. A 50-seat outdoor dining area is located on the upper plaza. Sustainable features include tray- and packaging-free service; food waste composting; energy- and water-efficient fixtures, and the near 100-percent recycling of all demolition and construction material.

By integrating the main circulation path from the complex to the campus with the new dining commons, students have the opportunity to engage with the services offered and to see and meet their friends on both planned and spontaneous occasions. At night, an ever-changing LED light wall glows like a firefly, drawing attention from the street. The design solution heals a blighted campus edge and humanizes a 10-story urban "fortress."
“The North Avenue Apartments Dining Hall project has been a resounding success. The design teams worked seamlessly together to overcome a fixed budget and an aggressive schedule, while never sacrificing Georgia Tech’s expectations for stellar design and high performance over time.”
Kim Wilson, Director Capitol Projects, Campus Services, Georgia Tech

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