William serves as Principal and Market Leader for Hanbury and has a deep understanding of ‘maker,’ ‘research,’ ‘entrepreneurship,’ ‘active-learning’ and ‘ innovation-focused’ program types. He has worked on several notable makerspace, active-learning, library and collaboration focused projects nationally, in addition to several research-intensive and teaching laboratories. His professional experience has ranged from owner to designer to manufacturer and seemingly everything in between, and thus his design sensibilities draw upon these varied experiences to inform nearly every aspect of his work. An award-winning researcher, William has a propensity for innovation and a seemingly inexhaustible enthusiasm for intriguing possibilities which often manifest themselves in unexpected but insightful ways.

  • Master of Architecture, North Carolina State University
  • Graduate Certificate in Energy and Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in City Design
  • Bachelor of Arts, Multidisciplinary Studies, Arts Applications, North Carolina State University

“I believe that truly great design has the potential to bring out the best in people by opening their eyes to new possibilities. To inspire...How could we live otherwise?”