As an architect with a strong interest in the civic and cultural sector, Julie Barghout delivers beautiful and impactful designs that address complex project needs and thoughtfully integrate public input. In-depth research is central to Julie’s design process, including deep examination of project precedents, materials exploration, and historical and contextual research. She loves working collaboratively with colleagues and clients, iteratively translating research and insights into sketches and model using both analog and digital methods. Julie has experience in all phases of design including preliminary and concept design through construction administration, as well as BIM management and documentation. Julie is a strong advocate for women and marginalized voices in architecture and looks forward to seeing the industry continuously evolve to better support emerging architects from all backgrounds. Julie is also an avid reader and traveler, both of which inform her perspective as a designer.

  • Masters of Architecture, North Carolina State University
  • Bachelors of Science Interior Architecture, University of North Carolina Greensboro

“Architecture is more than ‘skin deep’ and designing pretty buildings. Buildings are a time stamp, a physical representation of that era a building was built and are a reflection of the ideals and beliefs of the people and community it serves. Architecture is storytelling history in physical form.”