Rhodes College: A Sense of Place

Rhodes College, A Sense of Place (Rhodes College, 2017) is a photographic essay, inspired by the legacy of the Rhodes College campus and brilliantly captured by primary photographer, Steve Dunwell. I had the privilege of co-authoring the introduction with Allen Boone, (Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs, retired), who along with his colleagues, are consistent in their extraordinary pursuit of excellence for their students, their community and their legacy of great spaces on campus.

Undeniably an American treasure, the charm and character of the campus is achieved through an overlay of interlocking Oxford inspired quadrangles with offset axis. Radiating from the core is a hierarchical overlay of forms that cascade from taller majestic towers to the graceful scale of the English "village," where one can experience the reflection of stained glass and find some of the most serendipitous moments in collegiate architecture.

The publication is a photographic overview of the campus, and profiles the campus’s most recent construction, primarily designed by Hanbury, which is also the architect of the 2000 master plan.

As you indulge yourself in this photo essay, may you be inspired by the legacy of the Rhodes campus, and may you get a sense of the daily experience so well expressed by a Rhodes senior, “I’m so grateful I’ve been able to live and learn on our campus”….“It has been a place for me to find rejuvenation and inspiration, where even the act of walking to class feels like a gift.” Scroll through the book and transport yourself to the experience. Savor the light and color, the texture and traditions and the beauty and timelessness. You will discover the mere act of turning each page will feel like a gift. 

The book can be purchased at the Rhodes campus bookstore.

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