Our practice is shaped around our belief that our work matters and the places and spaces we shape have a positive impact on the lives they touch. We consider our designs to be enduring cultural touchstones and each is explored through the unique qualities and promise of our client, the context and site. Our range of work includes strategic planning through design for colleges and universities as well as work in the cultural arts and on historic structures.

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A campus plan should reflect an institution’s vision, mission, academic pedagogy, and values. Our collaborative process is informed by diverse voices, guided by the wisdom of campus leadership, grounded in the expertise and stewardship of facilities professionals, and shaped by faculty insight and the passion and energy of students and the campus community. A well-developed plan enables campus leaders to make decisions and investments confident of aligning immediate and long-range needs.

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Historic Preservation

Hanbury is a leader in historic preservation, providing programming, planning, and design services. We embrace our role as stewards of significant places through preservation planning, restoration, and adaptive reuse. Our national reputation is based on work in both urban and rural settings and on campuses, where historic fabric contributes significantly to the student experience and community identity.

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