Hanbury, Apr 25, 2017

The Da Vinci Code Meets The Amazing Race

Architecture and History Intersect

The intersection of architecture and history was celebrated Saturday, April 15, with the sixth annual Architectural Scavenger Hunt to mark National Architecture Week.

Hanbury organized the hunt as part of a weeklong celebration by the American Institute of Architects. This year's hunt...

D. Keith Storms, Apr 11, 2017

Creating Places to Drive Innovation

More cities are experimenting with place-making to help drive economic growth in so called “innovation districts.”

An innovation district is a designated area that clusters higher-education institutions, industry, researchers and entrepreneurs together in a bid to drive innovation, business and job growth.

There are ex...

Hanbury, Apr 04, 2017

Recognition for Our Leading Architectural Illustrator

Wesley Page, FAIA, has received two Awards of Excellence in the 32nd annual Architecture in Perspective Competition. Sponsored by the American Society of Architectural Illustrators Architecture in Perspective (AIP) is the pre-eminent exhibition of Architectural illustration in the world. Based on an annual internationa...

D. Keith Storms, Mar 01, 2017

Small Colleges Face Challenges — and Opportunities

Recent headlines haven’t been encouraging for small colleges and universities.

Moody’s Investor Service forecasts that closure rates for these institutions will triple in the coming years, and mergers will double, as schools face what Time magazine recently called the “Death Spiral” of declining admissions, tuition rev...

Daina Januska, Feb 17, 2017

Wesley L. Page, FAIA: Artist of the Possible

We are pleased to share the news that Hanbury’s Wesley Page has been elevated to fellowship in the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Wesley is being recognized specifically for his extraordinary talents using traditional media drawing practices to advance the profession and the understanding and appreciation for...

Robert V. Reis, Jan 18, 2017

Adapting to Our Changing Environment

Four out of five Americans live in counties that were hit by at least one federally declared weather-related disaster in the last six years. In 2011 and 2012, the U.S. endured a record number of extreme weather events—heat waves, droughts, hurricanes, floods. Last year was the second hottest year on record in the U.S....

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