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Robert V. Reis, Feb 21, 2018

What Did the Trees Do Wrong?

“What did the trees do wrong that they all had to be cut down?” asked a nine-year old, Imogene of Denver, when a grove of old-growth trees were removed near her home. As professionals responsible for shaping the built environment, why are we so seemingly willing to eradicate nature and re-shape the environment? The que...

Hanbury, Feb 12, 2018

Hanbury and Virginia Tech to Present on Resilient Campus at International Conference

Last year was certainly a wake up call for the need for resilience planning in higher education—and beyond. Insurers are set to pay out a record $135 billion to cover losses from natural disasters in 2017, stemming from the costliest hurricane season ever in the United States and widespread flooding in South Asia.


David Keith, AIA, LEED AP and Alec Yuzhbabenko, Jan 17, 2018

A Surf Town with a Wave Problem No More

Few things are more exciting than big visions that come true.

Hanbury's vision for the redevelopment of the Virginia Beach 10-acre Dome Site is uniquely Virginia Beach and brings a new life to a longtime destination site in the heart of the resort area.

The new development intends to turn a site that’s been vacant for...

Co-curricular, Curricular
Robert V. Reis, AIA, LEED AP and Bill Hopkins, AIA, Jan 11, 2018

Project Quality: Aligning Technology and the Human Element

If you read about any industry these days, you could be forgiven for thinking that increased use of technology will fix pretty much anything. 

This suspect thinking could be applied to the design and construction industry, too, although research firm McKinsey says the construction industry has invested too little in di...

Adam Schultz, Dec 13, 2017

Call for submissions! 2018 Summer Design Scholar Program

Apply now!

The Hanbury Summer Scholar program provides a unique opportunity for students and firm professionals to work side by side and learn from each other. Project work, design competitions, field trips, lectures and critiques are included in the summer experience. This full-time position provides competitive compe...

Robert V. Reis, Oct 04, 2017

Teaching the Teachers

Helping faculty master digital technology teaching tools

Technology is moving ever more into education as students use mobile devices, laptops and online content as daily tools.

But while today’s students are quite comfortable infusing technology into almost everything they do, that’s not always the case for faculty. M...

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